Trip Overview

Manaslu Trekking is indeed considered one of the most sensational and beautiful trekking routes in Nepal. This magical Manaslu Trekking takes you to one of the most mystical valley that delivers travelers from around the world the genuine touch of wilderness trekking experience. Trekking experts believe that this remote trekking into the region of Manaslu is one of the best treks in Nepal. Unlike many other popular trekking destinations of Nepal, this amazing valley starts from the sub-tropical region gradually progressing into alpine offering you the best of its view, culture, and landscape setting. Manaslu, ‘The Spirit Mountain’ is the eighth highest mountain in the world, 8,163 meters (26,781 ft.) above sea level. 

This 177 Km / 109 miles Manaslu Circuit Trek is exceptionally wild that cruises through its remote valleys taking you on a journey of a lifetime. Continuously gaining its fame and named by many as 'The New Annapurna' is indeed very intriguing. Manaslu Trek, however, is very remote and basic in regards to tea-house facility. The settlement setting is very medieval and the architecture though very unique it is certainly ancient. Manaslu is a restricted area and it was opened to the outside world only in 1991 for which a special permit is needed.  

the Land of the Suspension bridge and the sky-high cliffs offers anyone the opportunity of walking into the less trodden enchanting deep valleys. Despite its popularity and the construction of new tea houses in the region since 2010, the Manaslu Trek however is very remote and basic compared to other teahouse treks in Nepal. Manaslu being the restricted area the Nepal Government permitted trekkers for Manaslu Circuit only in 1991 for which a special permit is needed however, the picturesque beauty of the Manaslu region cannot be denied. You would be amazed to witness communities of Tamang, Tibetan, and specially GURUNG living in tranquil inside the valley's limits. All the Mani (prayer) walls, prayer wheels, ancient Chortens, and Stupas with Tibetan inscriptions give you the impression on how this region is influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

Manaslu region didn’t gain fame until a few years back and despite its picturesque setting Manaslu circuit trek is still less trodden. In spite of this, due to limited lodge facilities in few places, the trekkers may face complexity to find accommodation. But gradually it's evolving with time. The difficulty level of Manaslu Trekking is moderate since it starts very low and in a very gradual process, you go high into the alpine. Manaslu region is the main epicenter for the tragic 2015, 8.2 Magnitude earthquake trekkers are of the notion about Manaslu not being a safe destination which is simply a lack of true information. Though the earthquake has undeniably brought about a transformation on the regular trekking trails nevertheless, Manaslu is very safe and is the best alternative to the Annapurna circuit trek which is a part of a Great Himalayan Trail, less trodden and offering anyone with a variety of trekking options. 

Larke pass 5106m/16,751feet is the highest point in the Manaslu Circuit trek. The view on the way to Larke pass and from the pass is phenomenal.  


  • The early departure from Kathmandu hotel to Soti Khola, 8/9 hours’ drive through the most picturesque countryside roadway is an incredible experience.
  • Manaslu trek being remote and basic it’s less trodden where anyone can experience the thrill of being in the wilderness trekking from subtropical region to the alpine.
  • Walking into the deep cut gorges of Budi Gandaki River with ample suspension bridges and gigantic landscape setting with sky-high rock faces cliffs to your sides is more of an adventure.
  • Walking on the ancient salt-trading legendary route through the longstanding classic Gurung villages with its exceptional culture is way stunning than anything.
  • The close view of the magnificent extensive green hills, the Tibetan-Buddhist culture, and witnessing the territory of the rustic lifestyle from the very first day is charismatic.
  • Getting closer to the 8th highest mountain of the world and a visit to a holy Birendra lake on your 10th and 11th day is sure to add up more excitement to your holiday.
  • Going over challenging but very rewarding Larke pass is a different experience that offers you a handsome opportunity to walk over the outstanding ancient salt trading valley with the stunning mountain views.
  • Eventually descending down to the most beautiful valley of Bhimthang and joining the classic Annapurna Circuit valley in the vastness of the Himalayas is worthwhile.


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Once you arrive at Kathmandu International Airport you will be received by your Trek-Leader (Group Leader) or our office representative. Soon you will be transferred to the Hotel that would most probably take 25 / 30 minutes' drive from the airport. You may be well surprised by the way Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, opens up before you with horrendous traffic (not as bad in India though), lively street vendors, animals on the street, and the cross-culture. However, its high time for you to set aside all your heard-beliefs in Nepal and enjoy it.

After you are settled your Group Leader will set a meetup for the trek briefing and the distribution of equipment. He is a responsible person who will cater to you from the day you arrive till you depart. If you have any queries feel free to ask your leader who is best at answering your doubts. Later in the evening, Welcome Dinner is organized at the Royal Traditional Nepal Restaurant that includes a local rice-wine and Dal-Bhat (typical Nepali dish). You will as well have a traditional cultural show, so don't miss your cameras.

  • Accommodation 3 Star Hotel
  • Meals Welcome Dinner

You will be given an early wake-up call today. Your left luggage will be deposited in the hotel safety store and your valuables, which you wish to leave behind can be deposited in the hotel safety deposit box. Before we leave you will be introduced to your local trekking crew. To skip the traffic on our slender highway we leave the hotel early in the morning soon after breakfast. Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat will take around 7 hours with lunch in between somewhere in the local town depending on your time schedule and traffic. This drive as we enter into the Gorkha district is extraordinarily thrilling with great views of mountains, majestic hills, local settlements, and ample farming terraces. The view of rustic life along the way is simply mesmerizing. From Arughat we, most probably change to the next local bus or jeep that usually runs on these areas. This hour to 1 ½  hour rugged road through the Budhi Gandaki Valley eventually takes us to the small town of Soti Khola where we will spend our first night. The town situated close to the Budhi Gandaki River is indeed very calming, the soothing natural river sound will definitely aid you in your sleep and relax your tired thoughts from today's long drive. 

  • Accommodation Local Hotel
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 7 - 8 Hours

After we are done with our breakfast we hit the trail - however, the Manaslu region is under construction after the tragic 2015 earthquake that shook the entire nation. Manalsu being the main epicenter you wills till see remains and ruins caused by the earthquake. Besides, the roadway (jeepable road) is underway which means you will be walking most of the time on this road occasionally skipping it and taking the trekking trail. However, we start with the wider road that goes undulating through the deep valley of massive cliffs on your both sides, and it's certainly very delightful. The series of waterfall and rough Budhi Gandaki river to your right-hand side surely makes it more exciting. Gradually walking this undulating trail takes us to Lapubesi where we will stop for Lunch. 

After lunch, an effortless trail for about an hour will lead us to the crossing of suspension bridge that will further take us to the cliff trail. You need to be aware of the fact that Manaslu region is the land of the suspension bridge, which obviously means we would be crossing those in abundance every day. Soon we walk the landslide trail shaped by the 2015 earthquake, as we walk up the trail and get to the ridgeline we start seeing Machhakhola. We walk for another 20 min through the landslide trail to get to Machhakhola and stay overnight in a local Tea House. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 6 - 7 Hours

Today soon we start off from Jagat we get to the Earthquake Rehabilitation Center where the villagers were given asylum during this disaster. You will still be able to see the basic shelter and tents, some are still in use and some have been transformed into the animal shelter. However, today you would be crossing around 6 suspension bridges - which sounds like fun. Walking a waving trail with an awesome view of the valley and hills as well going over a few local settlements we reach the small town of Tatopani (hot water). It's a town with a natural hot spring where the water is indeed very hot, you may take a quick break to give it a go. From Tatopani walking an uneven trail and going over the second suspension leads us to the village of Dobhan where we will have lunch.

After Dovan we cross our next thrilling suspension bridge. Soon we come to yet another landslide trail, the biggest. Besides being a landslide trail it has also been marked as one of the most rockfall areas where cautiousness is to be taken while walking this trail.  There have been few incidents in the bygone years so do listen to your Group Leader. After walking a vertical trail, going over a few local villages, and crossing over the fourth suspensio bridge we get to the fifth bridge which is the highlight of today's walk along with the Budhi Gandaki valley that opens up wider as we go further. The 5th Bridge is very well set on the cliff that is very unique in style and taking pictures or video is worth it. Soon we get to the village of Jagat where we spend our night. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 6 -7 Hours

Leaving Jagat we cross a suspension bridge with a beautiful waterfall view that will lead us to a lovely Plateau and then to the medieval style village of Salleri. Valley starts opening before you and the undulating trail takes us to yet another village of Sirdibas. 10 minutes easy walk to another ancient village of Ghatte-Khola that has an abundant number of watermill. After crossing a bridge one vertical climb takes us to the prosperous village of Philim, one of the most beautiful traditionally built village that has one of the unique stone-built extended local School. As we leave Philim behind we will have a great view of the snowcapped mountain like Siringi and Baudha Himal before us. Soon we get to the village of Ekle-Bhatti for Lunch. Preparing you fresh and organic lunch surely takes a while so it's an ideal time to relax, go around or read the book. 

After lunch walking an effortless cliff trail with the occasional climb, we come to a small settlement of Nayak Phedi and soon enter into the woodland trail of Bamboo, Pine, Oak, ferns, and Magnolia. Eventually, we get to one of the most basic community of Deng. Deng is very basic, be prepared - sometimes the lodge may not have power, and its very rare that they provide you with any alternative so your headlamp is a real necessity. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 7 Hours

After breakfast, we walk toward the first suspension bridge of the day and start climbing to get to the village of Rana.  25 minutes of next easy trail takes us to another bridge and as we proceed further we walk the very beautiful cliff trail that gradually leads us to the next settlement of Bihi-Phedi. It is to be noted that the walk from Deng to Namrung is basically through the most beautiful woodland with soaring pine trees. We walk the most delightful undulating forested trail occasionally climbing some vertical bits and going over few suspension bridges that slowly lead us to our lunch camp, the village of Ghap. As usual, we will take another leisure time until our lunch is organized. Ghap is a beautiful fertile village with all the wonderful farming setting.   

After lunch leaving Ghap, we climb the first short initial hill and next we walk an easy trail through the stunning semi forested trail and abundant local villages. After the last suspension bridge, we will skip the regular old trekking trail that has been devastated by the 2015 earthquake and take the new trail that climbs all the way up to the ridge and drop down to the village of Namrung. Namrung is a small but luxurious town that has its own Hydroelectricity, wifi, and great shower. It is indeed a viewpoint of Siringi and Ganesh Himal. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 6 - 7 Hours

Leaving Namrung after breakfast we get to the wide Himalayan meadow trail that leads us to ancient local villages and beautiful rustic life with a stunning view of farmlands. The further gradual walk takes you the ancient Mani (prayer) gate with the view of snowcapped mountains right ahead and eventually directs us to the big village of Lihi. This valley trail as well takes you to the Himal Chuli Base camp, however, we take the other way around cruising ourselves towards the village of Lho for Lunch. You will have a great view of Mt. Manaslu and Naike Peak as we walk through the long prayer wall at the end of the village. 

After lunch, we steeply descend and climb again and soon walk the gradual trail through the woodland. Shortly, we come to a solitary isolated beautiful house that belongs to the Hydro plant in the middle of this enchanting forest of pine. Climbing up this forested trail takes us to the ancient village of Shyala. Going over a few suspension bridges and walking on the wide meadow trail eventually takes us to the village of Samagaun. The starting of Samagaun is very medieval with much ancient architectural tastes, prayer walls, chortens, and stone-built ancient houses. We walk through the town of Samagaun and finally get to your lodge for overnight. Samagaun is one of the most beautiful village that sits right at the lap of Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the world. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 7 - 8 Hoursssss

Samagaun provides you with ample side excursion - so, though a rest day, its indeed a great opportunity to explore the surrounding of this remote hidden valley. Depending on the weather your group leader may set up a wake-up call which might be early for an awesome sunrise view and the panoramic view of Manaslu and its neighboring mountains. After breakfast, we head out to a very attractive Lake, Birendra Tal which is situated at the foot of Manaslu glacier. This acclimatization hike is indeed very significant for both your health and the understanding of the local culture. 

After the excursion, you have a free afternoon.

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 3-4 Hours

As we are getting closer to your main mission, The Larke Pass 5,106 m/16,751 ft,  we take it slower. To provide ourselves with enough ground for acclimatization we have a short walk today to Samdo. The walk from Samagaun to Samdo is very heavenly. The beautiful effortless trail, more alpine with the growing of junipers and alpine herbs, and the view of majestic mountains around simply make today's walk phenomenal.  We walk the wider version of the trail now where the valley opens before you, as we walk this sensational valley trail we hardly realize the passing away of the time, and in no sweat, we get to our destination,  Samdo. After lunch, depending on the weather your group leader will organize for a stroll around this small basic town. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 3 - 4 Hours

Much like yesterday today too is a very short walk, however, this walk into the alpine, the wilderness, and into thin air is interestingly out of ordinary with all the mountain views. Leaving Samdo we walk toward the bridge and walk the beautiful switchback trail with Manaslu dominating the whole valley. There is a high opportunity to see wildlife like Himalayan Thar and most commonly you would see Black-Lipped Pika. Further walking the gradual snake trail we start seeing Dharamasala or Larke Phedi at the far end of the corner. The next 30 minutes walk takes you to our destination, one of the most basic destination for overnight stay. Dharamasala is very basic with limited tea-houses, since we can't do any advance booking its more like a first come first served policy. Sometimes electricity may be a problem since they solely rely on solar lights. After lunch we would rather relax and save our energy for tomorrow. Early wakeup call will be set as we leave earliest in the morning with quick breakfast and packed lunch.

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 3 - 4 Hours

Today is going to be a long day. Your Group Leader will set up a wake-up call as per the weather and the pacing potential of the group. Usually, the wake-up call is around 4 - 5 am. Our initial walk is 20 minutes uphill climb and the morning mountain chill will be enough to freshen you up and give physical vigor and a mindful mind. Next, we walk a very easy, effortless trail for the next 2 hours. As we walk the glacier moraine trail and as the morning light hits the valley you would be amazed to be in a Shangrila like setting where you are completely fenced by the majestic mountains. The view of the sun shining over the summit of these high mountains is unbelievable. Soon you get to the high camp tea shop - if it's operating you may stop for a hot cup of tea. We further walk the undulating boulder trial and get to the incredible Larke Pass 5106 m/16,751 ft. We will stop for a quick picture and celebration and start heading down to the paradise-like village of Bimthang.

From the pass, we need to descend 1400 meters / 4,593 feet to Bimthang. 3 Hours of steep gravelly drop takes you to a tea shop where we will stop for a quick break. We recommend you to use your walking poles and take extra cautiousness while descending as the trail has gone worse after the 2015 Earthquake. Another 2 ½ hours of beautiful easy descend finally lands you to the most stunning village of Bimthang. While descending to Bimthang you will see a beautiful Ponkar Tal (LAKE) which is magnificent. Tonight, relax - Everyone would be more than happy to get back to the treeline area and breath normal. Celebrate your accomplishments.

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 8 - 10 hours

Waking up early for the sunrise view would be an awesome experience. The Paradise like Bimthang with the view of Manaslu and Himal Chulti is simply marvelous - most of the trekkers both national and international, trek the other way round starting from the Annapurna circuit trail to Bimthang just for the view and relish. Soon we walk the most fascinating trail of woodland with Christmas tree, Pine, and Rhododendron - another heavenly experience as well giving you the different face of Manaslu and Himal-Chuli which is very dramatic. Further walking this fascinating forest setting trail gives us the view of Lamjung Himal. The forested trail with ample dead woods which is very well preserved gradually takes us to the village of Surki-khola for Lunch, however, depending on how early we are - we may walk further to the beautiful village of Goa for Lunch. 

After lunch another 1 and a half to 2 hours beautiful walk takes us to the yet another beautiful Gurung village of Tilje. A great place for a hot shower and meat. Enjoy and celebrate your accomplishment. 

  • Accommodation Tea-House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 7 Hours

From Tilije we walk for another hour and a half to Dharapani where we enter the different district of Manang and meet up with the once worlds number one trekking destination trail of Annapurna Circuit Trek. We take local transportation that will drive us to the prosperous Gurung town of Besi-Sahar.  Depending on our time schedule we will stop for lunch at some really nice local settlement and drive. This drive is really thrilling. 

  • Accommodation Basic Guest House
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Time 2 Hrs+ 4 Hours

From Besi-Sahar we will drive early to skip the traffic on our slender highway towards Kathmandu, the Capital City. Once again the drive from Besi-Sahar to Kathmandu is extraordinarily interesting. Without traffic, you may most probably reach the city by early afternoon. We will stop at some Highway restaurant for lunch. 

  • Accommodation 3 Star Hotel
  • Meals Breakfast/Lunch
  • Time 6-7 Hours

Transportation to the international airport is provided 3 hours prior to your flight departure time. Your Group Leader will accompany you to the ariport. 

  • Meals Breakfast
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Trip inclusion

  •  All Essential Permits + Manaslu Special permit.
  • Airport pickups and drops facility on both Domestic and International flights.
  • Three-star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu on Bed / Breakfast basis.
  • Welcome dinner in a typical traditional Nepali restaurant.
  • All ground Staff, their Allowances + Insurance.
  • All Ground Transportation as per the size of the group in Private Vehicle.
  • Fundamental trekking gears like a sleeping bag, down jacket fleece liner, etc.
  • Tea-house accommodation or tented camp as per the trek.
  • All Standard Meals (B/L/D) along with choice of Hot Beverage.
  • Filtered or Boiled Water for Drinking During the Trek.
  • An accomplished, medically trained trekking Group Leader.
  • Oxygen cylinders and an all-inclusive medical kit on all trips.
  • Take away Himalayan Dynasty duffel bag and trekking Map.
  • All Government and Local tax.
  • Fee levied on a Nepali visa.
  • Meals in Kathmandu.
  • All personal expenses including laundry, battery charges, shower, Wifi etc.
  • International flight fares.
  • A medical examination or emergency rescues.
  • Donations and Entry Fee to Monasteries, Temples, Museums,Schools etc.
  • Staff Tipping.
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival or late departure.
  • Travel or medical insurance.
  • Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.