About Us

"Himalayan Dynasty" is a local Trekking company based in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. We are a company arranging preferred trips in Nepal, entirely hassle-free, competing the international market in terms of service standard, competitive price, and reliability. We do and guarantee in your contentment in what we promise because our opportunity solely lies in our visitors’ happiness. Reliability is our motto. We are specialized in organizing travelers all the hassle free treks by providing all necessary mechanisms that are needed while traveling to Nepal like Accommodation, Transportation, Permits, and all the Support Staff  along with the meals and drinking water while you are in the mountains. 

Being Local:

Himalayan Dynasty surpasses expectations making each of our trips genuinely local-oriented and more adventurous. We would like to give you real local experience taking you out of your comfort zone and prepare grounds to take up incredible adventure to experience the local atmosphere. It’s more of a chance we are offering you to accept and understand things like typical locals do. Himalayan Dynasty arranges you with more of an opportunity to try local food, live up with locally owned teahouses, meeting up with new faces and making friends, and many more, most significantly in addition to all the excitement its value for money. 

To give you a generous understanding of the local environment we give you the best of our local leaders who besides being specialized in their job are very well acquainted with the local information. Since they are born and brought up in this magnificent environment they will always surpass expectations to provide you with the best of their cultural and historical knowledge. They may also offer you an opportunity to take pleasure in enjoying the time with a local family in their cozy local traditional homes. Besides all your supporting staff are genuinely from a precise region where you are planning to travel who undeniably have better knowledge than the unknowns. 

Being a local company we are devoted to formulate our entire holidays giving our fragile, natural, and local environment a constructive impact and deliver our best to diminish the negative effects of tourism. Since we are very proud of our environmental legacy, we make every effort in transforming the system of tourism in Nepal with utmost concern and respect. We would like to present an option to each of our visitors to be a part of our adventure and make a significant connection with the local people and recognize their cultural, social and environmental issues. We believe that anyone would be very happy to give their warmer welcome if only we are prepared to take away something and give back something. It’s all about personal understanding, learning, and experiencing - which without a doubt is more than just mere looking.

Why Himalayan Dynasty

Himalayan Dynasty is here ‘Discovering New Heights’ and determined to give you the most beautiful travel experience with the best quality service, international standard, and value for money. We guarantee you an extraordinary trip taking you to remarkable places and see marvelous at affordable costs without any hidden costs. 

For your wellbeing and safety, we provide you with leaders who are medically trained and can operate any emergency equipment (oxygen chamber bag/oxygen cylinders) in cases of an urgent situation and can capably handle any altitude ailments. Though we are typically local and crave to construct our own distinguished hallmark, we provide our cherished clients' trekking equipment like a sleeping bag, fleece liner, warm down jackets and duffle bag making your expedition exclusively hassle-free.

We are legitimate, government registered, and all set to award our valued travelers a quality service with great safety. We are a company owned and managed by a local team of professionals. We are a team of local professionals with many years of experience in the world of the tourism industry. We are the leaders in organizing preferred trips and are best in giving you the real experience and are always ready to make your journey an unforgettable one.

Experience one of the most ultimate adventures you have longed for with the 'Himalayan Dynasty'. Once again, we are very gratified and we look forward to spending time with you in Nepal.