your Local Trekking Staff and Support Crew


Himalayan Dynasty, being a professionally managed trekking and climbing company – we have a policy of employing competent 'Trekking Support Members'. We look for those who care about the fragile environment, know Nepal better, and have empathy over one another in times of difficulty. We provide your entire ground staff other than Group Leaders with basic training in regards to first aid, environmental conservation, use of oxygen, and few basic emergency procedures. 


To give you a generous understanding of the local environment we give you the best of our local leaders who besides being specialized in their job are very well acquainted with the local environment and information. Since they are born and brought up in this magnificent environment they will always go an extra mile to provide you with the best of their cultural and historical knowledge. They may also offer you the opportunity to take pleasure in enjoying the time with a local family in their cozy local traditional homes. They are fundamentally accomplished local group leaders fluent in English, responsible, committed to their responsibility, and have obtained a guiding license from Nepal Government. They have undergone extensive courses in terms of Group leading, wilderness first aid, mountaineering, eco-trekking, nature, and conservation. Besides they are very well with medication knowledge and are proficient in dealing with any high altitude ailments. They will be there to cater you right from the day of your arrival until your departure. They are legitimate mountain guides who are responsible 


All our Sherpas’ (assistant guides) are more of a co-leader who has the knowledge of the region, basic medical and first aid awareness and are ready to replace the job of a group leader in cases of utter emergency. The size of Assistant Guides depends on the size of the trekking group. Usually, your Group Leader assigns different assistant guides with different responsibilities. For example, there is always a head assistant guide who will always lead the trail and sets a convenient slow pace for everyone. Trekkers are to follow the head Sherpa and are expected not to overtake him/her for valid reasonings. They will be the one who will give you the wake-up call in the morning, take all the meal orders, boil water for your bottles, assist you on difficult terrains, help you with your day packs as required, etc. They may not always have very good English though they can communicate well - so be soft and slow with them whenever you are conversing or giving your meal orders or asking for any assistance. 


Himalayan Dynasty employes porters who have been working with us for ages and are very loyal, trustworthy and are acquainted with the region. Furthermore, the interested candidates (porters) always have an opportunity to progress and learn the necessary procedure for future up-gradation. Though these people come from below the poverty line yet they are very reliable and very hard working. Despite the amount of weight, they have to carry every day and transport the luggage to the next destination on time, its amazing to see how they always carry an incredible smile on their faces. Most of the time trekkers hardly see the porters as they leave ahead early in the morning and once they get the luggage to the target point they tend to leave to find the shelter which would cost them less than the Tea-Houses. 


We will provide you a licensed, English speaking, and professional climbing guide who recognizes the mountain and has indeed bragged ages of climbing experience. While climbing any peak with the 'Himalayan Dynasty' your climbing guide will be introduced by your group leader most probably at the base camp of the peak you are climbing. He will be the one who will be delivering Climbing Briefing on your rest day regarding all the techniques and safety measures. Furthermore, he will organize a climbing clinical course that demonstrates practical climbing procedure, necessary skills required that gives you sufficient knowledge about climbing any peak in Nepal. Besides, we will have a proficient cook and a kitchen helper to provide you with enchanting food while camping.